Sharon Olawepo

Solutions Conduit with a Generational Mindset.

What I do

The ability to make positive impact in any environment is the core essence of living. Hence why:

I Actualise.

To actualise means to BRING THINGS TO LIFE! I enjoy utilising my abilities to gather insight and profer solutions to dynamic situations.

I Speak.

The power to create and sustain lies in articulation. As a Minister, one of my passions in life is to render my voice as a shaping tool to build generations to come.

I Write.

Writing used to be my unicorn; my mode of escapism from reality but I have since learnt to mount "Writing" as the vehicle for navigating & creating my own reality. 

Need advice?

While I do not have the monopoly of knowledge with regards to Purpose or Financial Aptitude, I am available to lend an ear in order to provide Comprehensive Insight on your Gordian knot.

My e-Books & Courses

I am currently working on some Books and Courses that delve into the key principles of life that I have uncovered over time. Subscribe below to be the FIRST one to know when they come out!


“ A creative, a business woman, a prayer warrior, a sister and most importantly a friend. Strong minded in her pursuit of Christ, her dreams and aspirations. A rare soul who provides both laughter and wisdom all at the right time. ”

Temi Williams

Laura Ashley

My story

I am passionate about making impact that will transcend my existence and last way beyond my years. I see myself as a Solutions Conduit - an instrument carefully crafted by God to create and implement tangible results in any environment I find myself.

A few years ago, I took a BIG JUMP. I had recently graduated with a First Class degree in Mathematics with Economics and was half-way into a Masters in Computational Finance when I got a great job opportunity from one of UK’s leading banks. It looked like I was ticking all the right boxes according to the “Must-Do List To A Successful Future”. I was one foot in the door towards the Quant career I had been plotting to build since college days. 

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